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Most of us have experienced feeling sick with worry or bursting with joy. If we pay attention to these sensations we will notice that our emotional experience often has a significant impact on how we physically feel and vice versa. In fact, research has revealed that sensations and processes in the body send signals to the brain at a much higher rate than the brain sends signals to the body. This means that what we experience at any given time is more informed by the state of our physical body than we may have previously thought.  My decision to combine yoga and somatic work with talk therapy was based on brain research indicating the importance of stimulating both hemispheres of the brain to effectively help clients work through trauma and emotional difficulties.



In addition to the physical and emotional healing that can be attained through this approach, clients often come away with a greater sense of resource and ability to regulate themselves creating long term, sustainable change.


Clients will always have the option to incorporate movement and yoga into their therapy in whatever way they feel comfortable. It is possible to work on somatic awareness without specifically using yoga as an intervention, but my training allows me to make it available to clients who wish to utilize it as a tool in their healing. Yoga, meditation, and breath work can be done through individual work with me or as a supplement to work with a primary individual therapist as well as in combination with interventions like EMDR and Brainspotting.

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